Força Nacional to monitor all Olympic and Paralympic venues as part of integrated city-wide operation

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Brazil’s top security force officially assumed control of security at the venues for the Rio 2016 Games in a ceremony at Barra Olympic Park on Tuesday (5 July).

The Força Nacional, a federal co-operation of various Braziliian public security forces, will monitor the interiors and surroundings of the venues that will host the Olympic and Paralympic competitions in August and September.

“I am sure we will have a beautiful Olympic Games,” said justice minister Alexandre de Moraes.

Along with the Força Nacional, the federal police and 20 other bodies will co-ordinate to provide security for the events.

Another ceremony in the Olympic host city saw the launch of the security monitoring system to be used during Rio 2016, the Sistema Integrado de Comando e Controle (SICC, the Integrated Command and Control System). The main objective of the system is to allow the exchange of information between the various bodies that will be functioning during the events.

The SICC will be housed in the Centro Integrado de Comando e Controle (CICC, Integrated Command and Control Centre).

“All of the information and images from over 5,000 cameras, including our own and those of the Olympic arenas, will be sent to the CICC, and will be essential to decision-making with regards to security during the Rio 2016 Games,” said Edval Novaes, sub-secretary for command and control.

The security framework put into action today has been tested on a number of previous occasions, such as for the Confederations Cup (2013), World Youth Day (2013) and World Cup (2014).

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